Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Block Therapy? So, what the heck is Block Therapy? Is it something I should be doing and how do I decide if I need it?
A: To Block or Not to Block… that is the question. Should you be doing it? The force of gravity is constantly pulling you down to earth, so yes, you should be doing it, along with everyone else on this planet! Keep reading.

Q: To Block or Not to Block…. how do I decide?
A: Do a quick assessment on your posture. Could your posture be better? If the answer is yes, and most say yes, then consider this:

  • Many ailments, conditions and appearances, are a direct result of your posture. Read more.
  • Computer and texting postures are a growing problem
  • Aligning the head and spine through Block Therapy often relieves many problems in the body

Q: To Block or Not to Block… are there some people who should NOT do Block Therapy?
A: Block Therapy is not for people who:

  • have any advanced, serious medical conditions
  • are pregnant
  • have surgical mesh
  • have spinal metal rods
  • have advanced osteoporosis

Q: To Block or Not to Block… what will it do for me?
A: You might be thinking that you will just stand up straighter from now on and forget about doing any of this Block work, but it’s not that simple.
First, that poor posture happens because, over time, the ribcage collapses into the core. The fascia seals with a force of 2000 pounds per square inch and so it’s not possible to just straighten up once and for all. This seal is magnetic and it holds you out of alignment with tremendous force. Pressure is needed to break that seal. Block Therapy provides that pressure, causing the area to heat up and release. Read more

Q: If I Block… is it a substitute for exercise?
A: I do not replace cardiac exercise with Block Therapy. Instead I couple this exercise with Block Therapy. Exercise promotes cell regeneration and sweat production which will clean pores leaving skin healthier, thus I can double up on the benefits.

Q: If I Block and exercise… what exercise do you recommend?
A: This exercise can be anything… the gym, the stairs, Yoga, tai chi, Pilates, swimming, dancing, sports and many more. Remember, the body is designed to move. Block Therapy will improve your movement in all of these.

Q: If I Block… how long before I see results?
A: It’s not necessary to do Block Therapy for months or years before seeing results. Most people can feel a difference in their bodies the very first time they try it. As time goes by the body realigns and the benefits increase.

Q: Does Block Therapy hurt?
A: Sometimes yes. Block Therapy is similar to a much needed surgery. The surgery hurts, but in the end this pain leads to healing. So it is with Block Therapy. You may feel discomfort while on the Block but the benefits outweigh the discomfort.