Have you Issues in your Tissues?

The body is designed to move with ease.
Emotional and physical pain are dis-ease issues.
Block Therapy classes will address the pain in your tissues.


Introducing the ABC’s of Block Therapy:

There are 3 components to Block Therapy:

  1. Core & Back – Learn to use your diaphragm to dramatically increase oxygenation to cells and organs while releasing compressed tissue in the abdomen, upper chest and rib cage. Improved blood and energy flow in the heart and lungs will allow the entire body to heal and to function more efficiently. The benefits to the body are impressive. Note: Students should begin with the core component before taking the other 2 components.
  2. Pelvis & Legs – Learn the skill of rooting to shift your center of gravity so as to bring 60% of your body weight onto your heels. You will use the Block to release compressed fascia in your pelvis and legs. As tissue migrates back to its proper place, muscle function and appearance improves.
  3. Head, Neck & Arms – Learn the function and proper positioning of the tongue so as to realign the head, thus relieving pressure on the neck and upper back. As compressed fascia is released in the head, neck and arms, muscle function and tissue becomes healthier. Improved circulation will benefit many areas.

ABC’s of Block Therapy – Mini Workshops:

Many lessons and demonstrations are sold online, however, some people prefer to do a live workshop so I offer two mini workshops. I also offer Refresher Classes for people who have been away from the Block for awhile and need a good review.

The Introductory ABC’s Mini:

  • one hour in length
  • a very brief history on how BT got started
  • a short trial to see what the Block and Block Baby feel like when you use them
  • a sampling of positions from all three components
  • demonstration on how to use the block safely
  • the three most important positions if you have just 15 minutes and can’t do the entire sequence as presented on the DVD
  • question and answer period

The ABC’s Extra Positions Mini:

  • one hour in length
  • learn extra Block positions that are not on the DVD – all three components
  • demonstrations on how to more effectively use the Block
  • question and answer period

The ABC’s Refresher Class:

  • one hour in length
  • review the extra positions as taught in the mini or
  • review effective use of the Block
  • questions and answers

Most people get their blocks and DVD when they purchase one of Deanna Hansen’s programs. (See my Shop page.) I do have a limited number of blocks of Blocks and DVD’s here in Saskatoon, and these are available for sale when you sign up for my Introductory Mini. Get in touch if interested.

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