My Story- Susan Livingstone

ABC’s are my staple food, literally. They were my beginning, they opened up my world to the wonder of words. I learned to read and, naturally curious, I discovered that I love to learn. Wanting to inspire that love of learning in the lives of others, I got my Bachelor of Education degree and spent many years using those ABC’s to teach young children.

But of course, time goes by and I retired. My love of learning persists and let’s face it, I’ve had years to hone my teaching skills. So now what? Well I guess it’s obvious. I am still focused on those basics… the ABC’s!

Clocks keep ticking and lucky me, I am aging. (Yes, I said that and I meant it… there’s but one alternative and it is drastic and final.) I’m still curious, still creative, still pushing those ABC’s, this time in a new and wonderful way.

Deanna Hansen, (click here to read her story) the founder of Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy is a Certified Athletic Therapist, and she came into my life by chance. I read an article about her in a local paper and that was the beginning. Intrigued by anything that will keep my body moving and active, I immediately started doing Block Therapy. That was the beginning.

Eventually I wanted more. I signed up for her course.

Fully certified, I am now offering to share the ABC’s of Block Therapy with you.

Sign up. Experience the difference.

My Training

Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan – now retired
SPRA (Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association) Aqua Fitness – Certified Instructor
Certified Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Instructor