Block Therapy, Developed in Canada, Ready for the World!

Block Therapy can help to realign your spine. Try it today. Experience the difference!

treble-clef-650857_1280“Let’s start at the very beginning,
A very good place to start,
When you read you begin with ABC,
When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Me…”

-Julie Andrews singing in the movie musical The Sound of Music

Any time you start something new you have to start at the very beginning.

Why?  Because, as the song says, it’s a very good place to start!

If you can read this, you began with the ABC’s and if you took music lessons you sang “Do-Re-Me…”  But learning doesn’t end when you grow up!  There’s always something new to learn, something you’ve never heard of, something you’ve never done before.

Curious and eager, or timid and reluctant, we are all lifelong learners.  So let’s talk about something new… Block Therapy.  I’ll start at the very beginning with the…

ABC’s of Block Therapy

  1. An amazing new modality in the area of Health and Wellness!
  2. Block Therapy offers benefits and a new level of well-being.
  3. Collapsed core? Correct this condition with Block Therapy.

When Life is Out of Balance – Breathe and Believe

Many live in a state of dis-ease; movement is painful. Discouraged physically, emotionally and spiritually, life becomes difficult.

Though restoring life’s balance seems out of reach, it’s not. Powered by diaphragmatic breath, Block Therapy targets fascia, releasing and restoring it. Limitations improve. As the spine realigns, posture is corrected and muscle tone improves, leading to physical balance.

Learning to harness the power of diaphragmatic breath, one can enter a restorative, meditative state that refreshes and rejuvenates. Emotional balance is the result.

Physical and emotional balance return; life gets better. Gratitude enters; one can open up to the gift of spiritual balance.

Bring your life back into balance with Block Therapy – a therapy, exercise and meditation, all in one. Embrace it and experience the difference.